The Secret to Long Lasting Botox

The secret to long lasting botox!

Want to make your botox to have a stronger effect and last longer? Subtle Beauty knows the secret!

Research looks at the capabilities of zinc and phytase  in the effectiveness and duration of neuromodulators (botox specifically). A PubMed article states “In seventy-seven patients, 92% of subjects supplemented with zinc 50 mg and phytase experienced an average increase in toxin effect duration of nearly 30%, and 84% of participants reported a subjective increase in toxin effect.”

Almost everyone in the study had Botox last 30% longer than without the supplements. Not only that, 84% of consumers stated an increase in the effectiveness of the Botox. These numbers are amazing! Research also states that taking only zinc or phytase will not create the same results, they must be combined. Click here to see food high zinc and here to see foods high in phytase.

Even better, Subtle Beauty Aesthetics has partnered with a medical grade supplement company, Xymogen.

Xymogen has developed a once a day supplement regimen that contains both the highest quality zinc as well as phytase to help you get the most out of your neurotoxin (botox) injections. This means less visits to maintain your Botox! Although we will be sad to see you less often, we are happy you will have the best results!!

Because of the high quality, grade and effectiveness of these supplements, you will need to order through a practitioner. Please text 720.819.6330 or email for details to order.