The Most Basic Skin Care Regimen


Here is the most basic skin care guide that can be used with any product line. Though, as a note, I do believe that having a great product with high concentrations of active ingredients is very very important and can give you dramatic results and maintain healthy skin. Work with a nurse aesthetician or esthetician to find out what is best for your skin. 
Cherish your skin morning and night with a loving, kind, self care ritual. If you have kids close the door and take time for yourself, do this in a bath or a shower, or do whatever you need to do to make this special for you. I truly believe this should be mindful relaxing experience and you will see the greatest benefits of your products if you do this. 

If it is evening, always remove makeup prior to beginning this routine. Use a good makeup remover over your entire face but especially on the eyes. We all know it can build up in your eyes and over time cause issues.

1. First cleanse-Cleanse with a gentle cleanser for 2 minutes using circular motions over entire face, neck and decollete. This first cleanse is to clean off any debris, dirt, excess oil or anything else left on the skin that we cannot see. 

2. Second cleanse- cleanse again for 2 minutes. This can be done with the same cleanser or a more potent cleanser. This step actually cleanses the true skin. This is a key step to skin health. 

3. Optional - Use a great mask or a deep exfoliation treatment here. Do this 1-3x per week. 

4. Pat dry using a clean towel. It's best to use a different towel than the one you use for your body. I say this because the towel you use on your body may carry germs that you do not want on your face. 

5. Optional-use a hydrating mist or toner

6. Apply a serum. Serums are amazing products. They are highly concentrated active ingredients that can penetrate the skin deeper than moisturizer. A really good serum that contains vitamin C serum should not be skipped and can actually help protect your skin from UVA, UVB and HEV rays (high energy visible radiation, aka blue lights) over time. If there is one product to spend a lot of money on, it should be your serum. 

7. Apply Eye cream. Do this before a moisturizer because the eye product is usually absorbed better and the moisturizer will seal it in. Therefore the eye cream will penetrate deeper and be more effective.

8. Apply a moisturizer. Moisturizer is usually thicker and can seal in serums as well as soften the skin. 

9. If morning, apply a sunscreen. Use a sunscreen that has a zinc oxide. It is the best type for you skin and environment.
I can't stress this enough! It is important to wear a sunscreen daily even if it is cloudy outside and even if you are working inside with a computer. The UVA rays (which are the type that accelerate aging) go through the clouds and will not cause a sunburn. In addition, they are now finding out that computer screens, phone screens and fluorescent lights do in fact damage the skin and accelerate aging. These types of lights are called HEV lights or blue lights. 

There it is! The most basic skin care regimen. following these steps in addition to visiting a nurse aesthetician or esthetician regularly (a least 1x per month) will help you maintain healthy skin. And healthy skin creates timeless beauty.