A “Bloody” Treatment to Rejuvenate Your Skin


A “Bloody” Treatment to Rejuvenate Your Skin

So, what exactly is PRP and how does it work?  PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. It is an important component of your blood containing important growth factors that help build new healthy tissue while healing damaged tissue. When it is injected into your skin those growth factors will generate new skin and collagen for up to six months. It’s kind of like injecting your skin with your own stem cells. Your skin tone, texture will dramatically improve.

Where do we get PRP? We get PRP by having an experienced nurse draw your blood. We then “spin it” in a device called a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the PRP and platelet-poor plasma (PPP). We can then extract the PRP from the PPP and the rest of your red blood cells. The extracted PRP we get is much more concentrated than using whole blood.

There are two primary ways we use the PRP in an aesthetics setting. We can either inject it, using a similar technique as dermal filler injections, or use a microneedling device to push the PRP into your skin. Your body will recognize the concentrated PRP as an injury and will send signals to start the growth and healing process. Obviously your skin is not injured but we are tricking it to get the results we want. The results are more collagen growth, improvement in photo-damaged skin and overall skin rejuvenation. You may already be familiar with this treatment. It is popularly known as a “Vampire Facial.”


A little history ...The name "Vampire Facial" or "Vampire Facelift" is actually a trademarked name of Dr. Runels using his specific PRP technique and equipment. Dr. Runels is a medical doctor who specializes in the aesthetic use of PRP. Unless you have been certified in the "Vampire" method and pay for membership you cannot market your treatments as "Vampire."

Kim Kardashian’s famous selfie with blood all over her face is what made the "Vampire" treatments so popular. Many spas and doctors offices don't use the "vampire" method but still provide amazing results with PRP treatments.

The nurses at Subtle Beauty Aesthetics are certified in the "vampire" method but have also learned other techniques to achieve the absolute best results. We use the same FDA approved equipment that the "vampire" method uses but have decided to not use the "Vampire" name.  We call it PRP facials and PRP injections to avoid trademark infringement.